Sertoma Safe Ears! Project to Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Where: Nationwide
Institute: National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

There is a new project to help prevent hearing loss, Sertoma Safe Ears! The project involves giving kits—containing educational materials, on hearing loss prevention, a set of disposable hearing protection, and a media package—to members of Sertoma's 650 clubs. Sertoma is a non-profit organization that assists people with speech, hearing, and language disorders, and sponsors community projects. During its 84th convention in July, Sertoma International shared information about the NIDCD's WISE EARS! program with attendees and also introduced Sertoma Safe Ears! in collaboration with WISE EARS!

Distribution sites will include retail outlets, such as home improvement centers, that sell equipment with the potential to damage hearing. The first-year goal is to reach more than 100,000 homes in 250 communities.

Sertoma is seeking WISE EARS! Coalition members to become supporting partners of the Sertoma Safe Ears! service project. This support will allow Sertoma and WISE EARS! to not only reach more communities, but also to provide higher quality educational materials and hearing protection, as well as the creation of display and promotional materials. The project will begin in May 2005, Better Speech and Hearing Month.